Tallahassee Bat Removal, Wildlife Control

Bat Information

Tallahassee Bat Removal
Bats are, in my opinion, the worst animal to infest your home. They carry a large variety of diseases, from rabies to Histoplasmosis.

Bats do provide significant mosquito control, eating up to their body weight each night; however, they also produce an equal amount of guano (feces) each day. This leads to a terrible smell and is a great medium for bacterial growth.

They’re also federally protected and cannot be molested in any way from Apr 15- Aug 15.

Bat Trapping and Removal

Bats CANNOT be trapped or captured to remove them from a structure.

The only legal way to remove bats is to use a seal and valve method. This is accomplished by sealing any possible entry point into the structure – keep in mind that bats need only about one half an inch gap to squeeze into an area.

Once most entry/possible entry points are sealed, one way valves should be installed to allow egress without regress. Once all bats have left the structure, the valves can be removed and sealed.

Then the guano needs to be dealt with. Physical removal along with a disinfectant should be used.

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