About Us

BlackThumb Services, Inc.

BlackThumb Services, Inc. is a green wildlife removal company in Tallahassee, Florida that does not use any poisons or toxic chemicals. We are constantly searching for only all natural, environmentally friendly, humane solutions to any problem. We are family oriented, pet friendly, and local to North Florida.

BlackThumb Services, Inc. was founded to provide an alternative to the big corporate businesses that only care about their bottom line. Our staff is professional and caring, willing to go that extra mile to ensure our customers (YOU) are satisfied to the fullest.
Our founder Jay Ammerman served in the Army and the Florida Army National Guard for 13 years. During that time, he:

  • served at airports following the September 11 attacks
  • provided medical services for two wildfire seasons
  • deployed to Iraq
  • served in support of multiple hurricanes, including Ivan, Francis, and Katrina
  • patrolled the beaches following the BP oil spill.

He also attended Florida State University earning a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Biological Science and minoring in Chemistry.

Following graduation, Jay worked for a large pest control and wildlife removal company. Working for such a large company helped Jay to see many areas of the business he wanted to improve upon. Following a motorcycle accident, he found time to set up his own company with his own values for the treatment of wildlife, and especially customers. Jay became the first person in the state of Florida to become a licensed Wildlife Applicator.


Call our owner Jay Ammerman at (850) 445-2256 for information or to set up an appointment.
Available 24/7
Emergencies only on Sundays
After hours Appointments Available