Tallahassee Snake Removal, Wildlife Control

Snake Information

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Snakes interact with people, children, and pets, often to deadly consequences. They are found in various places, such as under logs, debris piles, crawl spaces and even attics. The presence of a snake in or around your home often indicates an underlying rodent or insect infestation.

The majority of these animals are nonvenomous; however, every snake should be considered dangerous until otherwise stated by a professional. Identification can be especially difficult when dealing with juveniles, as their patterns and colors often differ significantly from adults.

Moreover, when dealing with juveniles, one needs to exercise extreme caution because their behaviors are much more unpredictable and their bite much more viscous.

Snake Trapping and Removal

Snakes are drawn to places they feel are safe to hunt, hide, and live in and there are ways to make your property unattractive to them. For instance, you can:

  • remove any piles of debris on your property (such as piles of rocks or dead wood)
  • keep your bushes, hedges, or areas of brush trimmed back
  • cut your grass regularly – short grass makes it harder for snakes to hide in it
  • make sure there are no gaps under your doors, decks, or patios

If you do see a snake, never try to handle it on your own.

You can always contact our owner, Jay Ammerman, at (850) 445-2256 for more information snake removal in your area or to set an appointment.