Tallahassee Squirrel Removal, Wildlife Control

Squirrel Information

Tallahassee squirrel removal.
Did you know that there are three types of squirrels in Florida?

  1. Eastern Gray Squirrels
  2. Fox Squirrels
  3. Southern Flying Squirrels

Squirrels problematic for homeowners because they like to chew; on everything.

They’ll chew on potted plants, trees, plastics, and siding. If a squirrel wants it badly enough, it’ll find a way to chew on it.

Squirrel Trapping  and Removal

Trapping squirrels can be a nightmare!

They are very suspicious of traps and will often avoid them for weeks before temptation gets the best of them. The best procedure to solve a squirrel problem is three-fold.

First, all entry points and possible entry entry points should be identified and sealed with a gnaw resistant material, leaving only the main ingress/regress point open.

Next, traps should be placed in well traveled areas of the house and in the surrounding area.

After 7-10 days, the remaining entry point should be closed. This provides ample time for the animal to become accustomed to the traps and to discover the bait. Traps should be baited with seeds, nuts or fruit; and checked regularly.

Once it is determined that the offending animal is no longer present in the home/structure, traps can be removed; problem solved.

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