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Bee Information

Tallahassee Bee Removal
Bees are the scourge of the spring and summer months. They swarm during spring months searching for hive locations.

Once established, a bee colony may persist for years. Bees tend to build honeycombs in wall voids and attic spaces. Hives can vary in size from a few dozen to hundreds of thousands. The larger the colony, the larger the threat.

Although rather docile while swarming, once established, honey bees will aggressively defend their hive often to a deadly conclusion. Honey bee venom can cause a wide variety of problems from minor discomfort to death in those with multiple stings or with an allergy.

Bee Trapping and Removal

Bees cannot be trapped individually and must be addressed as a colony.

There are many ways to remove and relocate bees while keeping the majority alive. This is important as bees are responsible for pollination of many of the fruits, vegetables, and nuts we consume, not to mention honey products.

Each bee infestation is unique; therefore, methods vary as well. One method is to build a funnel type valve to allow bees to leave without reentry. This method requires sealing any entry points prior to placing the funnel.

BlackThumb Services, Inc. has also developed a vacuum type device which diverts bees from entering the vacuum into a holding container.

Once the insects are removed, the honeycomb must be removed. Honey is an incredible resource and if left unguarded any host of animals will attempt to acquire it. Additionally, the honeycomb will begin to rot causing structural damage and disease potential.

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