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Raccoon Information

Tallahassee Raccoon Removal

Raccoons have adapted well to urban environments. They find shelter under decks and houses, even nesting in attics and crawlspaces of buildings.

A raccoon can squeeze through gaps only a couple inches wide. This behavior places these potentially dangerous animals in close proximity to people, their children, and pets.

When encountered, a raccoon can become very aggressive, leading to possible deadly consequences. The greatest risk is transmission of diseases, such as:

Raccoon Trapping and Removal

Successfully trapping (and removing) a raccoon requires three main components.

First is proper trap placement. It is important to thoroughly inspect the structure for entry points, potential entry points and soft spots. The surrounding area should be inspected for trails, food sources and water sources.

Next, the proper bait needs to be chosen. When choosing a bait, one should consider factors, such as time of year; existing food sources; presence of young; etc.

Lastly is patience. I usually recommend 2-3 weeks for most raccoon problems. Raccoons are well adept at escaping traps and stealing bait.

According to research, a raccoon can remember how to solve a problem up to three years later. This makes some individual raccoons extremely difficult to trap and requires adjusting trapping techniques, equipment and bait to successfully remove the animal.

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